Show House Santa Fe 2014

Show House Santa Fe 2014

The 2014 house, Casa la Luna sits on 10- wooded acres on the edge of the Santa Fe National Forest. Just minutes away from downtown but a world apart in sensibility, the 1920s-era mansion features panoramic views and rustic seclusion amid old-growth piñons and junipers, arroyos, and rock formations.

Casa la Luna – 10 Altazano Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Project description

The process of creating and designing our homes is and has been a continuous journey of evolution from the beginning of time. An example of this is the bedroom. No longer just a place to sleep, today’s bedrooms are generally larger and have evolved into a retreat where one can rest, restore and rejuvenate. With that in mind, our approach to designing our bedroom space in Casa la Luna is to create a thoughtful, timeless modern day “Sanctuary, “ in the midst of an ancient place. Vintage pieces, accents and a philosophy borrowed from an ancient culture are combined with contemporary materials and elements to create an eclectic dance that escapes the boundaries of time.



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